Getting started with the U.S. Bank Access Online mobile app

The Access Online mobile app makes it easier than ever to manage your commercial card accounts virtually anytime, anywhere.  Signing in is quick and simple, and just as secure as accessing U.S. Bank Access® Online.

In order to use Access Online mobile, you will need to:
  1. Have a supported Apple or Android mobile device
  2. Download the app to your Apple iOS or Android device 
  3. Be an U.S. Bank Access Online user to become an Access Online user, cardholders can register online. Users will have the same credentials in U.S. Bank Access Online and mobile.

Get Access Online mobile

The U.S. Bank Access Online mobile app is available for AppleTM and AndroidTM mobile devices.

Download from Apple App Store      Download from Google Play for Android store

If your organization does not use Access Online already, contact your U.S. Bank representative or call 866.274.5898 to get started as an Access Online client to use the app.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, enter your Access Online credentials to access on-the-go account management. You’ll need your:

  • User ID
  • Password
  • Organization Short Name (OSN)

Convenience Starts Here

Cardholders can:

  • View your account status, balance, payment due date, available credit balance and credit limit.
  • Access, filter and sort your previous 99 transactions, including credits and debits.
  • Retrieve your card information with the convenient in app display.
  • Register for alerts.
  • Push cards to mobile wallets.
  • Update your account mailing address and attach receipts if enabled for entitled users.
  • Request a virtual account and have it delivered right to your mobile device to make a payment over the phone or online (virtual program users only).
  • Use the convenient Account Pay service to pay for out-of-policy expenses within the app.

Program Administrators can:

  • Access real-time information and account maintenance updates.
  • View authorization declines and decline reasons.
  • Change authorization limits, including credit limit and single-purchase limit.
  • Update account status, including reopening and closing accounts.

To access your card information, enter the unique four digit passcode you selected during registration. Once entered, your screen should appear similarly to the below Apple and Android images.

Cardholder view

Access Online Login Access Online Login
Access Online Login Access Online Login

Program administrator view

Access Online switch my role Access Online welcome back
Access Online search results Access Online transaction details

After downloading the app, review our resources to:  
>   Answer your frequently asked questions
>   Understand how we use and protect your information


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